How is the contraceptive implant removed?

Nexplanon can be left in place for up to 3 years. As with insertion, only a healthcare professional familiar with the removal technique should remove the contraceptive implant. The removal procedure should again only take a few minutes and involves a simple 'pop-out' procedure.

The steps involved in the removal of the contraceptive implant are outlined below.

  1. The healthcare professional will check the location of the contraceptive implant by looking at the user card and feeling for the ends of the implant with their fingertips. If the contraceptive implant cannot be felt, an imaging method such as ultrasound may be used.
  2. The area where the contraceptive implant is located will then be disinfected and a local anaesthetic applied.
  3. A small incision will then be made just below one of the tips of the contraceptive implant.
  4. The contraceptive implant will be gently pushed out of the arm and removed with forceps. If you are continuing to use the contraceptive implant, another contraceptive implant can be inserted at this time.
  5. The incision will be closed and you will be given a sterile dressing and pressure bandage to wear. The latter can be removed after 24 hours, and the sterile dressing after 3–5 days.
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