Will the contraceptive implant affect your periods?

Because the contraceptive implant contains only a progestogen and no oestrogen, you may experience some changes to your normal vaginal bleeding pattern. The following menstrual bleeding pattern changes have all been reported to occur with progestogen-only methods of contraception such as the contraceptive implant:

  • No bleeding
  • Infrequent bleeding
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Prolonged bleeding

Over time, however, menstrual bleeding tends to become lighter and less frequent in some women. Please consult your doctor or family planning nurse if you are concerned about any bleeding pattern changes that may occur while using the contraceptive implant.

Keeping a diary can help you monitor how your bleeding pattern changes with the use of the contraceptive implant. Download the Nexplanon Information Booklet which contains an example of a bleeding pattern diary.

By clicking here you can find out more about the contraceptive choices available, including the contraceptive implant, Nexplanon
This link lets you download a pdf of the Nexplanon patient information booklet and diary card, which you can use to monitor changes to your periods during Nexplanon use.
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