Inserting the Nexplanon implant

A single rod of Nexplanon should be inserted just under the skin (i.e. subdermally) on the inside of the upper non-dominant arm using the custom designed, disposable applicator. The site of insertion of the contraceptive implant is 8–10 cm above the medial epicondyle of the humerus. This site was chosen in order to minimise the risk of neurovascular damage in the event of an incorrectly placed contraceptive implant.1

Nexplanon insertion site

A single Nexplanon implant should be inserted subdemally, 8–10 cm above the medial epicondyle of the humerus of the upper non-dominant arm by a trained Nexplanon fitter.

The insertion procedure has been reported to take less than a minute to perform by an experienced Nexplanon fitter, and involves a minor incision under local anaesthetic.31

Please note that Nexplanon should only be inserted by an appropriately trained healthcare professional. For a detailed description of how to insert and remove Nexplanon please refer to the Nexplanon Summary of Product Characteristics.1 The risk of complications is small if the provided instructions are followed carefully by a trained individual.

Request a visit from a Schering-Plough representative to learn more about Nexplanon, including how to train to insert and remove the contraceptive implant.
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